[WATCH] €17 million Adolorata cemetery restoration works commence

The extension, which will see the addition of 2,880 new graves, will be completed in six years

Addolorata structures undergoing restoration works
Addolorata structures undergoing restoration works

Restoration works on the Addolorata Cemetery have commenced and are expected to be completed within six years, deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said on Friday.

Speaking during an onsite visit, Fearne said the government would be investing up €17 million on the refurbishment, which will the addition of 2,880 new graves.

Fearne said that those wishing to purchase graves could do so for €8,000 as per a legal notice which was published some months ago.

The new grave would be addressing the high demand for plots at the cemetery, the minister said, adding that any interested parties could contact the health department.

In addition to adding more graves, the works will see the Addolorata Chapel and other gothic structures being restored to their former state.

The Addolorata cemetery is a state owned Neo-Gothic cemetery which was built in 1862 by the architect Emanuele Luigi Galizia. 

The Addolorata Cemetry also contains 250 Commonwealth burials of the First World War, and 18 from the Second World War.  

The works will also see existing graves being renovated to prevent further damage. 

The extension will be located at the area known of the cemetery known as Tal-Ħorr.

Fearne explained that the project is part of a series of works being performed on government cemeteries, with works having started this week on the Mellieha cemetery.

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