[WATCH] Why are fewer people going to Sunday mass in Catholic Malta?

MaltaToday asked people what they think should be done in order for Sunday Mass audiences to improve

An Easter celebration at the St John's Cathedral in Valletta
An Easter celebration at the St John's Cathedral in Valletta
Why are less people going to Sunday mass in Catholic Malta?

A census by the Maltese archdiocese has revealed that mass attendance has continued to decrease, with a steep decline all over the country. 

The census was carried out in December 2017 – on the weekend it was taken, only 36% of Catholics obliged to attend Sunday mass did so, a 15% decrease when compared to the census carried out in 2015.

People of different age groups spoke to MaltaToday about whether they attended Sunday mass, and what should be done to bring the flock back into the churches.

Young people were more inclined towards not attending, but most of those that do attend seemed to complain about sermons that do not focus on current issues.

“There are things which can change – the sermon for example. It should be based more on trying to help people and the issues they face, rather than being a recital of superficial stories,” one of the respondents said. 

Another young respondent protested that Maltese priests did not practice what Pope Francis – who tends to be a popular figure in Malta – apparently was teaching.

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Older respondents were more inclined towards attending mass. Some said that the one should attend mass “if one feels like doing so”, and others said the Church should not alter its ways for the sake of a bigger audience. 

On the other hand, some of the respondents pointed out that having a priest “which is not to your liking” shouldn’t be an excuse for not attending, as there are various timeslots and parishes where one can attend mass. 

“There are some priests who are able to make the celebration more appealing and it shows in the attendance. You do find priests who are able to make a connection with those present, even when the sermon is delivered in a more heartfelt manner,” another respondent said. 

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