[WATCH] MEP candidate’s impassioned call for respectful debate on abortion

AD MEP candidate Mina Tolu was reacting to news that the Abortion Support Network were extending their services to Malta

AD candidate Mina Tolu
AD candidate Mina Tolu
AD candidate Mina Tolu: no more attacks in debate on abortion

Alternattiva Demokratika (AD) MEP candidate Mina Tolu has called out politicians and parties that still consider abortion a taboo and refuse to openly discuss the subject.

Tolu uploaded a live Facebook video in which she welcomed the news of the Abortion Support Network now offering its services in Malta.

The AD candidate noted that not all news portals had reported the news, and how the comments section beneath the articles were "filled with hundreds of comments".

“Leaving the discussion to the comment boards and Twitter posts will not create a positive discussion, and this will harm people,” Tolu insisted, adding that shrugging off any discussion about the subject would only reinforce the taboo.  

“I know something about the harm caused by taboos by growing up queer in Malta - and it hurts to think that similar kind of taboo is harming others,” Tolu said. 

The AD candidate said that the lack of discussion by politicians, parties and candidates is unacceptable. 

“Sure, all the major political parties have a consensus on the debate, but we still have around 300 to 400 people leaving the country every year to perform an abortion,” Tolu said.

“I believe we need to analyse what is at stake. It is our responsibility, it is my responsibility,” she said. 

Tolu also called for and end to online threats and hate on comment boards. "Through civilised and proper discussion, we can realise all the factors at stake."

“If anyone wants to talk about the subject in public or private, in a non-judgmental and respectful way, I promise that,” she said. 

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