Pro-life leader calls out ‘extreme feminists, leftists, Marxists, despicable AD’ after abortion row

Gift Of Life head Paul Vincenti posts Facebook vid taking to task “extreme feminists and Marxists” and identity politics after call for a safe space to discuss taboo of abortion

Paul Vincenti
Paul Vincenti

The head of pro-life organisation Gift Of Life, Paul Vincenti, has equated the call to debate women’s reproductive rights and safe abortion to a debate on “the choice to rape, or to kill anyone you don’t like”. 

Vincenti accused “extreme feminists, Marxists and leftists in Malta” of promoting a woman’s right to “butcher the unborn”. 

He was referring to the statement by Alternattiva Demokratika candidate Mina Tolu on Facebook, who called for a safe space in which to debate the issue of abortion, a taboo for Maltese politicians. 

He congratulated former AD candidate Arnold Cassola for “moving out of that despicable party”, after the former chairperson attempted to bring the party to disassociate itself from Tolu’s statement

Vincenti also appeared confused by Tolu’s use of the word “queer” to describe her sexual orientation, a once-pejorative term for gay men and women but which has now been appropriated as an umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities who are not heterosexual or cisgender. 

“I don’t understand how you can have a civilised debate [on abortion as a right]… they would rather dare risk the lives of innocent children and the future lives of women who believe this lie that abortion is just a choice,” Vincenti said. 

Vincenti, who in the past led an unsuccessful campaign to entrench abortion in the Constitution, hit out at identity politics and the rewards that clusters of voters can prise off politicians with laws that the majority might not agree with. 

“Why don’t we just debate rape... it might be a person’s choice... you’d obviously say no, it hurts another person and it can end up in death, and you have no right to do that... 

“If you forget that you are actually talking about a human life that is butchered in the womb in the name of a woman’s right and choice, then the extreme feminists, Marxists and leftists in Malta who are driving this policy – also with help from some people in government, from what we can pick up – then you are going to be led down the road of disaster, like they did in other countries where they presented it as a woman’s right,” Vincenti said. 

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