[WATCH] Animal welfare investigating reports of large feline on private roof

A video of a large feline pacing back and forth on the roof of a private residence was posted to Facebook by Animal Liberation Malta on Thursday

Malta’s animal welfare department is investigating reports of a large feline which has been spotted on the roof of a private residence.

A spokesperson for Animal Welfare told MaltaToday that they are aware of the situation, and have passed on the information to the appropriate facility to handle the situation.

The department pointed out that it was not within their remit, as they deal only with stray cats and dogs. It advised speaking to the Veterinary Regulation Directorate. However, they are unreachable at this time.

The video was posted to Animal Liberation Malta’s Facebook page with the caption “just a normal sight in Malta…”.

It shows what appears to be a large feline pacing back and forth, possibly indicative of the fact that it is stressed.

People commenting beneath the video speculated that the feline appears to be a tiger however this can’t be confirmed at this stage.

The video has caused a commotion on social media, with many horrified by the situation.

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