[WATCH] Fibre optic cable to take Gozo’s connectivity to the next level

A new fibre optic cable between Malta and Gozo, coupled with the proposed tunnel project will help Gozo reach its economic potential, Joseph Muscat says

A new fibre optic cable between Malta and Gozo will boost internet connectivity on the sister island
A new fibre optic cable between Malta and Gozo will boost internet connectivity on the sister island

The laying out of a new and more efficient fibre optic cable will be fundamental for Gozo-based companies to take their output to the next level, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said. 

He was speaking during a press conference in Gozo during which works on the new fibre optic link were unveiled. The Prime Minister said the installation of the new fibre optic cable will be utilising the island’s potential to the full. 

"For tech companies to flourish in Gozo, we need to help in supplying the best internet connectivity," Muscat said.

Malta Enterprise issued a call for tender in 2017 for the laying of a fibre optic cable. Elettra, a subsidiary of French telecom company Orange Marine, secured the deal.

The investment will be partly financed by the EU and the company will be laying out 20.7km of fibre optic cables. The link will take the form of a submarine and land-based sections on both the Malta and Gozo ends. 

Elettra CEO Didier Dillard, said that the capabilities brought forward by the new fibre optic cable will be able to sustain the country for decades to come. 

Dillard also said that a Sicilian based company ship will be on standby in case any maintenance on the cable is required. 

Muscat said that the new project is part of a series of projects, which aim to boost Gozo’s capabilities. 

“Gozo is not just tagging along, but is establishing itself self as a space for innovation, and the government is committed to helping the island maximise its potential,” Muscat said.

Muscat also said that the fibre optic cable is the next step in bridging the gap between the opportunities available to Gozitans and Maltese.

“Technology is a sustainable economic vertical, and the government will continue to assist companies that aim to grow in Gozo,” Muscat said. 

The proposed permanent link and the laying out of another fibre optic cable will help to not only bridge the gap between Malta and Gozo, but also boost the two island’s economies. 

Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna and Economy Minister Chris Cardona also attended the press conference.

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