Military offensive not a viable solution for Libya, Foreign Ministry says

Malta is concerned about the current situation in Libya and joins in call for all parties to cease military operations

Fighting has raged in the outskirts of Tripoli since the beginning of April
Fighting has raged in the outskirts of Tripoli since the beginning of April

Malta has joined calls for all sides of the Libyan conflict to halt military activity, respect international law and resume political dialogue.

The Foreign Ministry said on Monday that Malta is “deeply concerned” at the violent turn of events in Tripoli and its surroundings.

Expressing regret at the loss of life and displacement of thousands of Libyans from Tripoli, the Foreign Ministry said “a military offensive is not a viable solution”.

It urged the parties involved to refrain from confrontation and return to negotiations.

“The humanitarian situation, unfortunately, is expected to deteriorate further if no political solution is found in the short-term. In view of this, and following reports of missiles targeting civilian areas, Malta highlights the importance of preserving human life, and avoiding the targeting of civilian assets,” the ministry said.

Tripoli came under siege at the start of April after general Khalifa Haftar of the self-styled Libyan National Army moved on the Libyan capital.

The UN-backed Government of National Accord led by president Fajez Serraj is based in Tripoli. Haftar is backed by a rival administration based in the eastern city of Tobruk.

Haftar has ignored calls by the UN and the EU to stop his attack and withdraw his forces from outside the capital.

Malta said that the adoption of one single roadmap towards Libya’s political transition remains essential.

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