Juve fixer Luciano Moggi’s Gzira dump has three other voters living there

13 tenants have passed through the Gzira address where Luciano Moggi and three other foreign nationals are now registered with a vote for the local council elections

A tiny Gzira apartment whose address has none other than Juventus’s disgraced team manager Luciano Moggi, has hosted nothing short of 13 other foreign nationals over the past 12 years.

Research carried out by MaltaToday today shows that four people with the right to vote in the coming local council elections, are still registered at the Gzira address.

The rest of the ‘tenants’, who may not be in Malta, have been registered at three different variations of the address: some like Moggi are listed at Suite 5, others at Flat 5, and yet another one is registered at Flat Suite 5.

It is unclear whether Moggi is indeed living inside the non-descript block of apartments on Gzira’s D’Argens road, especially with three other voters of foreign nationality, also registered at this same address.

Flat 5 at the Gzira apartment complex where Luciano Moggi and three other voters are registered as living
Flat 5 at the Gzira apartment complex where Luciano Moggi and three other voters are registered as living

But the sheer amount of people who have been registered at this address over the past years once again betrays the lack of traceability of foreign residents who obtain identity cards from Identity Malta, a document that confers to them the right to vote in local elections.

The names of all the residents seen by MaltaToday appear to be of Eastern European origin and from the Balkans.

The problem was highlighted recently by Nationalist local councillor Paul Radmilli, who while accompanying police officers who were distributing voting documents to Sliema residents, found voting documents belonging to people no longer resident at their address.

“We found people living in that same address who had never heard of the previous tenant. In one case, a voting document was registered to the address where one Maltese woman had been living for 25 years. She said that at no point before now had a voting document, other than hers, been distributed to her address. So who are these foreign nationals registered on other people’s address, and why don’t they have their own address if they are residents with the right to vote?”

The same concern was echoed by PN candidate Graziella Attard Previ, who said her Sliema neighbour had been informed that two Russian nationals with the right to vote had been registered on her address.

In 2015, MaltaToday revealed that a shuttered bar on Marsa Road, in Marsa, was hosting 26 foreign nationals who had submitted the derelict watering hole’s address as proof of their residence in Malta.

But outside the First and Last Bar, the signs clearly show that nobody lived here: the place was ‘for sale’. Still, two-dozen people, with surnames hailing from the Horn of Africa, Sudan, Nigeria, and also Canada, were allowed to claim this place as their address to obtain an identity card. The names of these people were all registered under 1, Marsa Road, Marsa and yet no checks are apparently made by the identity card offices to confirm the veracity of these claims.

Identity Malta executive chairman, Joe Vella Bonnici, had then said that 24 of the applications were submitted before January 2013, and that since the introduction of the National Identity Management System, no applications were registered under the mentioned address.

Additional reporting by Karl Azzopardi

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