I ask insiders critical of PN to meet me at the same table, Adrian Delia says

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia said that the people didn't care anymore about the politics of division and hate but about the environment and their quality of life

PN leader Adrian Delia (File photo)
PN leader Adrian Delia (File photo)

Adrian Delia has asked all those MPs and Nationalist Party insiders who were critical of the PN administration under his leadership to meet him and discuss with him.

He was referring to a televised debate on Xarabank last Friday where he said he didn't speak to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat but to people like former PN MP Franco Debono and former radio host David Thake.

"I listen to all. I ask all those critical of the PN to meet me at the same table and discuss with me," Delia said. He was saying this during a telephone conversation with NET FM on Sunday.

In light of this, Delia said that following the young PN cohort MZPN's analysis of the party, he had extended an invitation to meet with them after reading their entire report and added that MZPN was an important branch of the PN.

"We didn't win a single European election despite being the party of the EU. We didn't win a local council election in a very long time. It's easy to give up heart but it's time to move forward. Let's stop talking about division, let's stop talking about the negative aspects of the current PN administration and start improving it instead.

"We can't force or expect people to change. It's the Nationalist Party that needs to change," he said, adding that people didn't care about the politics of hate and division but about the environment and their quality of life.

On Kevin Cutajar's co-option to Parliament, replacing Gozitan representative David Stellini, Delia said that even this was a learning curve for the PN.

"After the PN suffered a terrible loss at the MEP and local council elections, after a week of diverse conversations on Stellini's parliamentary seat, the attitude remains that of continuous learning and moving forward," Delia said.