[WATCH] Michelle Muscat's 14km charity swim around the tail: ‘This is the longest one yet’

Michelle Muscat is expected to swim around Malta's tail to raise funds for the Marigold Foundation

Michelle Muscat. (Photo: James Bianchi/MediaToday)
Michelle Muscat. (Photo: James Bianchi/MediaToday)
Michelle Muscat will attempt a 14km swim around Malta's tail

Michelle Muscat will be swimming around Malta's tail in the fifth swimming challenge in aid of the Marigold Foundation.

The Prime Minister's wife announced the challenge on Thursday afternoon. She will be attempting to swim the 14km distance between Ċirkewwa and Mellieħa.

The fundraising swim, called Tail’s End will take place on 13 July. Muscat said that she was unable to give the direction in which she would be swimming, as winds will play a significant factor on the day.

Muscat noted that the Marigold Foundation is an umbrella foundation, that serves a lot of NGOs, notably the Special Olympics.

She said that the foundation is also working on a number of issues such as Pink October, mental health and autism. “It’s important to remember, that the money that is donated to the swim does not go to the foundation itself but rather to a diverse number of projects,” she said.

Special Olympics National Director Anna Calleja said it was necessary to note that one needed to be a professional, and train all year round to be able to attempt the 14km swim. “To achieve a swim of this length, one needs to make a great sacrifice, which includes training almost every day.”

Calleja also praised Muscat, for not only making such an effort in training but also for picking a sport that anyone is able of doing, whether “able-bodied or otherwise.”

Executive Secretary of the Marigold Foundation, Jennifer Xuereb said that a fundraising party will be held in July after Muscat’s swim. “This event is important to us, as it is how we fund a lot of our projects,” she said.

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