[WATCH] ‘Some PN MPs believe they have divine right to lead the party', Mario Galea says

Veteran PN MP Mario Galea hopes history will one day pass judgement on the actions of fellow MPs who refuse to accept the choice of party members to elect Adrian Delia leader

PN MP Mario Galea insists Adrian Delia must be given a chance
PN MP Mario Galea insists Adrian Delia must be given a chance
Mario Galea on 'organised campaign' by some PN MPs to remove Adrian Delia

Mario Galea has warned of a “systematic and organised” campaign by some fellow MPs to hinder party leader Adrian Delia.

The veteran PN MP from Żejtun told MaltaToday on Monday this was a “planned” effort by a small group of PN MPs, who "believe they have a divine right to lead the party".

“Adrian Delia was elected democratically by party members and he should be given a chance to work… nobody changed a party in a year and a half,” Galea said, adding the leader had his support.

Delia is facing the sternest mutiny yet as a group of MPs want him to leave in the aftermath of the disastrous results in the European Parliament and local councils elections.

During a meeting of the parliamentary group last week, several MPs gave Delia an ultimatum, while others insisted he should come forward with a plan to address the party’s problems.

The PN parliamentary group is meeting again this evening with Delia giving no sign that he will resign.

Galea said MPs must accept the will of the party’s members. Delia is the first PN leader to be elected by members after the statute was changed by his predecessor Simon Busuttil.

“I hope history will judge the actions of these MPs,” Galea said, without indicating names.

Delia was elected PN leader in September 2017 with 53% of the party members' vote.

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