Franco Debono no longer Commissioner for Laws, retired judge appointed to post

Former MP Franco Debono’s term as Commissioner for Laws has not been renewed • Judge Antonio Mizzi is new commissioner

Former MP Franco Debono
Former MP Franco Debono

The former Nationalist MP who cost the Gonzi administration its full tenure in 2012 by voting against it, will no longer be Commissioner for Laws.

The Labour government has announced that retired judged Antonio Mizzi will succeed Franco Debono as from 1 June, on a one-year appointment.

Debono, a critic of the Gonzi administration over its slow-paced reform on justice and home affairs, was appointed Commissioner for Laws in 2013 when Labour was elected.

He was also tasked with presiding a steering committee for constitutional reform, which was however prevented from picking up steam after the Nationalist Party under Simon Busuttil refused to take part in it.

More recently, Debono had launched a tirade against the Labour government, and accused Joseph Muscat of being “the most corrupt politician in Maltese history”, and that – circumstantially – he was clearly the owner of the secret Panamanian company Egrant.

Franco Debono has head of the Constitutional Convention

In its statement, the government thanked Debono for his work.

Judge MIzzi served as magistrate from 1987 to 2013, and then as judge up to 2018.

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