35 people fined this month for taking garbage bags out at the wrong time

Residents or businesses that take out their waste on the wrong dates or timings are being fined €150 by the Environment and Resources Authority

35 people have been fined by the authorities this month for not disposing of their waste in the proper manner
35 people have been fined by the authorities this month for not disposing of their waste in the proper manner

The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) has fined 35 people for not following the rules when taking out their trash so far this month.    

Last November, the Environment Ministry introduced new regulations for waste collection, obliging residents and businesses alike to separate their waste into three categories: recyclable waste, mixed waste and organic waste.

Each type of waste must be discarded in its own type of bag and collected on specific days of the week as indicated by the respective local councils.  

In a statement on Thursday, ERA said that more people have been caught in July than in any month since the new system was implemented.

It said that “around 14 ERA officials” were tasked with inspecting the various localities around Malta and Gozo, “during the day, late in the evening and during the night”.

The authority started dishing out administrative fines last January, with its officials only able to do so if they actually see individuals breaking the rules.

ERA said that in July, 21 people were spotted breaking the law in Gozo, 13 in Marsalforn and eight in Xlendi. ERA said this was a substantial increase from the five that were caught between January and June.

“Those caught breaking the law in Gozo this year were both residents and restaurant owners,” the authority said.

Nine people were caught in Qawra and Bugibba, another four in Luqa and one in Marsaskala.

ERA also noted that the Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA) is also responsible for enforcing waste separation laws. It said it was also “worth pointing out that ERA’s role as regulator is separate from the role of waste collection”.

The authority encouraged the public to respect date and timings related to waste handling, insisting that it was every citizen’s duty to “respect the rules laid down by the law in this regard”.

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