Gzira mayor calls out contractor who insulted him as dispute over garbage room gets personal

The mayor is insisting that the developer of the 14 East tower in Gzira remove a garbage room and unloading bay built instead of an ‘open space’ required by the development’s permit

Gzira Mayor Conrad Borg Manche has asked authorities to take action against the developer
Gzira Mayor Conrad Borg Manche has asked authorities to take action against the developer

Gzira Mayor Conrad Borg Manché has called on authorities to take action against the developer of the 14 East tower in Gzira, over what he says is a breach in the conditions outlined in the development’s permit.

In a post uploaded to Facebook, Borg Manché said he would not be intimidated by threats or insults after claiming to have deciphered an acronym included in a message sent to the mayor by the developer.

In the message, the developer, Jean Borg tells Borg Manché that he should have listened to the advice given to him by people who told him he should ignored the mayor.

“I guess they were all correct. Won’t waste any more time with trash. Good night, enjoy your sad life. UFPOSUFDILO,” read the message.

Borg Manché claimed that Borg had called him a “fucking piece of shit” and had also insulted dead mother, who he said had taught him to stand up for what was right.

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The dispute revolves around a requirement in the development permit for the 14 East tower in the locality, which requires there to be an open space to make up for the height of the building, and which Borg Manché says has not been satisfied by the developer.

Rather than leave an open space, Borg Manché sai that the developer had constructed a garbage room and a loading bay.

“I have spoken with the planning authority because a garbage room has been built in an abusive manner and without the necessary permits in Triq ir-Rebha so that passers-by, instead of enjoying some ‘open space’ which the [developer] is obliged to have, can enjoy the aroma generated by the waste of an entire tower,” Borg said.

He added that the supposed open space also contained an “enormous loading bay” as well as “enormous vents” including the pipe of a generator that when switched on fills the area with exhaust.

“Aren’t the five years of works, from sunrise till late at night, that residents have had to endure enough?” Borg Manché asked, while also questioning how the project’s architect was unable to find a better solution for the garbage room.

He also noted that plans for vertical gardens along the length of the building had been reduced to “planters with creepers”.

He said that while the insults levelled at him were hurtful, “one could not expect better from someone who had worshiped money, who has been overcome by greed and who cares about nothing, including neighbours who have had to put up with him for four years”.

“I hope the authorities we have in this country take action, maybe this arrogance and disrespect comes to an end once and for all, and order and respect finally reign in this country.”

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