Pierre Portelli resigns from presidency of PN college of local councillors

The Sliema local councillor cited personal reasons for his resignation, insisting he had too much on his plate to contribute wholeheartedly

PN Sliema local councillor Pierre Portelli
PN Sliema local councillor Pierre Portelli

Pierre Portelli has resigned from the post of President of the Nationalist Party's College of Local Councillors and cited personal reasons for his resignation.

In an email he sent to Opposition Leader Adrian Delia and Secretary General Clyde Puli, Portelli tendered his resignation, saying that with immediate effect he will no longer occupy the role.

Though coming in the midst of friction on a vote of confidence in Delia, Portelli, a Delia supporter, said that the move to step down has no political connotations.

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"I can confirm that it is true, but it was for a purely personal reason. The reason is that I have too much on my plate and couldn't contribute with wholehearted involvement," he told MaltaToday.

Portelli had previously called for a disciplinary board to monitor party officials on social media. That proposal was met with controversy and some backlash.

Though he resigned from the presidency of the PN college of local councillors, Portelli retains his post as a Sliema local councillor.

This is the second Pierre Portelli to resign from an executive post as the former PN media chairman, also Pierre Portelli, had resigned as well last June in the run up to a vote of confidence in the party leader. He had said he wanted to expose those working against the party without the ‘shackles’ of an official post.

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