Heritage Malta ‘removes’ audience from DJ’s livestreamed event at Mnajdra temples

Heritage Malta quells misgivings over DJ’s ‘controlled’ live set at Mnajdra after public outrage at Mixmag set at megalithic temples

Mnajdra Temples and (inset) DJ Denis Sulta
Mnajdra Temples and (inset) DJ Denis Sulta

The national heritage agency has quelled outrage over a live recording of a dance music set at the megalithic Mnajdra temples, saying no access to the site will be granted to revellers and clubbers.

The live-set recording will not feature an audience as originally expected, Heritage Malta said of DJ Denis Sulta’s event at the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sulta will be performing live music to an “immaculate backdrop” of the sun setting over Mnajdra Temples, streamed live on the internet, in an event organised by promoters District and the international dance music magazine Mixmag. Originally it was expected to host 60 clubbers.

“A number of restrictions were made on the organizers, including the level and type of sound and the type of lights which can be used during this event in order to safeguard the temples,” Heritage Malta said.

The event will not allow access to the temples. Heritage Malta also said that officials will be present on-site to ensure all conditions are adhered to. “Only DJ Denis Sulta will be performing music to an immaculate backdrop of the sun setting over Mnajdra Temples streamed live on the internet,” the statement read. 

Yet Sulta’s event caused some public uproar on Thursday morning, leading to online petitions being disseminated, calling for the event to be cancelled. 

“We, the undersigned, call upon Heritage Malta to retract the permission for the event. Desecration of any temple site – regardless of which faith it belongs do, is despicable, and our heritage deserves to be treated with more respect than serving as a party hall,” one petition stated.

Organisers District told MaltaToday the lack of clarification carried out by certain media outlets, “the event was being perceived in bad light”. The promoters took out a sponsored article on Lovin’ Malta to announce the event.

“It was made to look like a party, when in reality the idea was always to livestream a DJ set,” he said.

The organiser confirmed that no audience will be present, with all the necessary precautions being taken. “We have always taken the necessary precautions, and we want to ensure that no damage is done to the megalithic structures.”

The organiser also said that the purpose of the event is to highlight Malta’s cultural heritage.

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