PD calls on government to boycott South American trade deal over Amazon fires

The Democratic Party said that Malta should join France and Ireland in boycotting the EU-MERCOSUR trade-deal 

PD has called on Malta to boycott the trade deal and other products contributing to the deforestation of the amazon
PD has called on Malta to boycott the trade deal and other products contributing to the deforestation of the amazon

The Democratic Party has called on the Maltese Government to join France and Ireland in threatening to boycott the EU-MERCOSUR trade-deal, unless action is taken to control fires raging through the Amazon rainforest. 

“Island states are particularly vulnerable to climate change," the party said in a statement. "Malta must do its part to tackle the climate emergency. Partit Demokratiku is therefore calling on Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat, who after all must ratify the EU-MERCOSUR trade deal, to send a message to Brazil to protect the Amazon,” the PD said. 

The European Union–Mercosur Free Trade Agreement is an agreement which would see the elimination of 93% of EU tariffs to the South American trade bloc, while also allowing “preferential treatment” for the remaining 7%. 

The deal would also allow for increased access to European Markets for Mercosur’s agricultural goods, including beef, poultry, sugar and ethanol and will remove the vast majority of tariffs on EU exports to the Mercosur countries. 

The party said that since taking office, Brazil's president Jair Bolsanaro had increased the rate of deforestation by over 60% to more than 759 kilometres in 2019. 

"Every minute, the Amazon loses an area equivalent to one-and-a-half football fields. This is without the potentially man-made fires ravaging the rainforest."

PD called on Malta's MEPs to protect "Malta's interests intelligently" by exerting political and diplomatic pressure in Europe so as to save the Amazon".

It also called for a boycott on products that are a result of increased Amazon deforestation, as it their use made Europeans equally responsible for the destruction. 

The PD called for protection of the amazon and its indigenous tribes by applying pressure through the EU and the Maltese government.

“The PD recognises that unless strategic pressures are exerted on the global stage, then the fight against the climate emergency is already lost, which will come at unimaginable cost to our country and to generations to come.” 

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