Jose Herrera threatens to seize private quarries to solve construction waste impasse

After a quarry stopped receiving construction waste, the industry faces a massive problem

The disposal of construction waste has become a nightmare for the industry
The disposal of construction waste has become a nightmare for the industry

Jose Herrera has threatened to use the powers at law to seize private quarries used for the dumping of construction waste after the closure of one of the sites.

The Environment Minister said a quarry receiving construction waste stopped doing so, creating a massive problem for the industry.

With the construction sector in overdrive, the dumping of building material and excavated rock, has become a major issue.

The minister said there were 10 quarries with a permit from the Environment and Resources Authority to receive construction waste but less than a handful were actually operating.

Earlier this year, the government had proposed fiscal incentives for quarry owners in exchange for a fixed price after the price of dumping skyrocketed.

Developers had complained over the price hike, which prompted the government’s soft intervention back then.

But now, Herrera has urged quarry owners to resolve the matter, in the absence of which he will use the powers at law to confiscate private quarries to be used for the dumping of excavation and construction waste.

“It is necessary that the construction sector recognises that it should be the one responsible for this material, within the context of a free market. This will ensure that this material will no longer be considered as waste but a resource,” Herrera said.

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