[WATCH] We have a socialist government that has lost its social compass, Delia says

The PN leader addressed a mass meeting as part of this year’s Independence Day celebrations 

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

Adrian Delia has accused the government of forgetting its social principles in its bid to snatch the country’s institutions. 

“Under this government we have seen Malta weaken socially,” Delia told party supporters. 

In a mass meeting held at the party’s headquarters as part of the annual Independence Day celebrations, the Opposition leader addressed party faithful. 

“In the same year that the government is boasting about its surplus, we have seen a surge in poverty,” Delia said. 

The PN leader also said that the government is basing the country’s GDP on an increase in population numbers, rather than an enhancement of wealth. 

Speaking on the environment, Delia said that the government has broken its promises even in this sector. 

“600 deaths due to respiratory issues, and what are the government’s actions? Widen more roads,” Delia said. 

The PN leader said that if the party is elected to office, it will not be against development, as long as it is carried out in a sustainable manner. 

“We are against the destruction of our landscapes,” he said.

He also called on the government to declare a climate change emergency to reflect the realities the world is experiencing. 

Delia also made reference to rising property prices. 

“While the PN had offered schemes so everyone could be a home owner, young people today can’t even afford to rent,” he said. 

On the health sector, Delia said that despite the awaited investment, the country is yet to see an upgrade to its health services. 

“Where is Steward Health Care’s investment?” Delia said. 

He also accused the government of increasing waiting lists. 

Speaking about the financial sector, Delia said that is it appalling to have a former Labour deputy leader go to court over lack of good governance at the Malta Financial Services Authority. 

“He had the courage to stand up and speak, and we are behind him,” he said. 

Secretary General Clyde Puli also addressed party faithful, stating that the party has continued to rebrand and revitalise itself. 

“We have a blue-print on where we want to take the party,” he said. 

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