[WATCH] Adrian Delia reacts to criticism from Daphne Caruana Galizia's father over PN commemoration

'Party does what is right, not what others want it to do,' Delia says on TVM's Dissett

Adrian Delia (File photo)
Adrian Delia (File photo)
Adrian Delia on IPP, cannabis and prostituion on Dissett

Adrian Delia has defended the decision by the Nationalist Party’s Sliema committee to commemorate Daphne Caruana Galizia by organising a mass despite objections from the journalist’s father.

The PN leader said the party did what it felt was right and not what others wanted it to do.

“I respect everyone’s opinion… [but] it is our obligation to remember a journalist who was murdered in a way we deem fit,” Delia said when asked about the matter on TVM’s Dissett.

Earlier this week, Caruana Galizia’s father, Michael Vella, accused the PN of opportunism for organising a mass and talk to commemorate his murdered daughter. Next week marks the second anniversary since the assassination.

Vella described the PN activity as “an insult” to his daughter.

The mass will be held at St Patrick’s Church in Sliema at 7pm this Thursday, followed by a talk on justice and democracy by former minister and PN grandee, Louis Galea.

Delia was the only guest on the programme hosted by TVM head of news Reno Bugeja.

In a series of quick-fire questions towards the end of the programme, Delia said he was against legalisation of marijuana for recreational purposes, opposed to the legalisation of prostitution, and believed the IIP scheme should stop.

Non-committal on Gozo tunnel

Asked whether he agreed with a tunnel between Gozo and Malta, Delia said he was in favour of a fourth ship and a fast ferry service as immediate solutions but would not commit on a tunnel until its feasibility is determined and all studies are published.

On land reclamation, Delia said the information on the subject was “too scarce” but disagreed with the Prime Minister’s stand to encourage the construction industry to build at will and then tell them that construction waste was their problem.

Delia said he does not get paid from the party and was non-committal when asked about a proposal for the PN to change its emblem and name.

It was reported last month that Louis Galea, the man entrusted to propose a party reform, had floated the idea in closed meetings with PN councillors and members. The reports suggested that the proposal did not go down too well.

“I do not believe that changing the party emblem and name are the most important things for people but I will have to wait for an internal discussion to take place,” he said.

Delia said he will conduct a reshuffle in his shadow cabinet at “the appropriate time” to ensure he had the best speakers shadowing the different sectors.

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