[WATCH] Integra Foundation Director calls scenes at Hal Far ‘upsetting but not a surprise’

Maria Pisani called for better dialogue between the NGO and the government in efforts to deliver more ‘concrete solutions’

Integra Foundation Director calls scenes at Hal Far ‘upsetting but not a surprise’

Maria Pisani from the Integra Foundation has called on the government to provide a better avenue for dialogue in an effort to deliver concrete solutions to the situation in Hal Far.

Standing outside the detention centre on Monday, Pisani called the scenes at Hal Far as ‘upsetting but not a surprise’, as she stated that people at the centre are frightened.

“People here have nowhere to stay and they are scared,” she said.

On Sunday night at around 10.00 pm, a riot was started by residents of the open centre, with armed forces personnel surrounding the building in case someone had tried to escape.

One police officer was injured in the process, as at least five vehicles belonging to employees were set on fire, as well as a police car. A number of rooms within the building were also torched.

Asked what may have started the riot, Pisani said that the NGO has information on what may have instigated the revolt, but will be clarifying the said information before divulging details.

Maria Pisani also called for an investigation into what happened.

“We are here in solidarity with our staff and the management, who have been under immense pressure,” Pisani said.

Pisani also called for better support to the management at the Hal Far open centre.

The Integra Foundation Director called for a better communication with the migrants residing at the open centre.

“We are calling on the government to provide an avenue of dialogue with us so we are able to increase our support and look for some concrete solutions to the situation,” Pisani stated.

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