[WATCH] PN leader: 'Malta must call on EU to better manage migration'

The Nationalist Party leader was being interviewed on the party’s radio station NET FM

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

Adrian Delia has said that the government has failed to properly address the immigration situation, and stated that Malta deserves to call on the European Union for better aid in addressing the crisis.

In an interview on the party’s radio station, NET FM, the Nationalist Party leader said that the country deserves to have a proper burden sharing system, and insisted that the EU has the obligation to protect countries at its border.

“I have personally contacted the European People’s Party (EPP) President and presented him with a set of initiatives that must be followed in order to properly address this crisis,” he said.

According to the Opposition leader, while those fleeing conflict must be treated with a humane approach, the interests of the country must not be forgotten.

Delia also accused Muscat on lying to the electorate on the migrant situation, after he stated that when it suited his political ambitions, he called for a pushback, but now has retracted his comments.

The PN leader also said that the country lacks the appropriate resources in processing and housing the migrants fleeing persecution, and said that the government must act on the situation.

Delia also said that he has called on the EU to invest in Africa, as he stated that the problem must be addressed at its root.

“If we leave the situation in Africa as it is, we will end up with more and more numbers,” he said.

Delia also made reference to the increase of foreign workers, claiming that the government has shown no direction in increasing the country’s GDP.

“The only way the government knows how to increase the country’s wealth is by importing foreign workers who are content with receiving below par salaries,” he stated.

According to him, 28% of all workers are foreign, with the large number having an adverse effect on the country’s other sectors.

“Look at the rent increase over the past years, do you really think that is healthy for our economy,” he said.

Delia also called out the government for tarnishing the country’s reputation.

“In 25 years of PN government we saw new industries such as the financial, gaming and pharmaceutical services, but now all we see are ministers taking control of our institutions,” he said.

The consequences of this is that the country is suffering, and if the government does not act, it will have irreparable effects on its long-term future, the opposition leader said.

On the education sector, Delia said that a socialist government has never worked towards improving it.

“Under a PN administration we had a new school each year, now we have students in containers,” Delia said.

The PN leader praised the young people who appealed for a climate change emergency to be declared, stating that their efforts have resulted in one of the most important decisions taken in parliament.

“We talk about the environment because we really care, and young people have realised this,” he said.

Delia also blamed the government for making a U-turn on climate change.

“First the government didn’t want to act, now because it has realised that people really do care, has come out in favour of pursuing some sort of action,” Delia said.