[WATCH] Environmental NGOs want Elizabeth Ellul's resignation from the Planning Authority

Ramblers Association spokesperson Ingram Bondin says Elizabeth Ellul should resign from her position as she has partaken in unethical practices

Environment campaigners want Elizabeth Ellul to resign from the planning commission
Environment campaigners want Elizabeth Ellul to resign from the planning commission
Environmental NGOs want Elizabeth Ellul to resign from the Planning Authority

Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar and Ramblers Association have called for the resignation of planning commission chairperson Elizabeth Ellul.

Speaking at a press conference, Ramblers Association spokesperson Ingram Bondin said that Ellul should resign from her position as she has partaken in unethical practices.

“Despite NGOs and stakeholders participating in the open consultation of the proposed 2014 ODZ policy, Elizbeth Ellul, who herself, had a hand in the policy went ahead with the original proposed policy, despite multiple concerns being raised,” Bondin said.

He highlighted that Ellul not only ignored NGOs, and other stakeholders, she then went on to misinterpret her own policies.

“Ellul went on to ignore even the smallest parts of the policy which protected the environment. Make no mistake it is an old dirty trick which has been used by both governments. First, they make bad decisions, and then they use those bad decisions taken to set a precedent which they then continue to use.”

Bondin said that Ellul claimed to have no conflict of interest regarding the proposed Qala countryside villa development despite her husband being responsible for the multi-million CryptoTower project in Paceville also being developed by Portelli.

"When you put all these things together it is obvious that Ellul is not a trustworthy person," Bondin said.

Co-founder of Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar Astrid Vella, said that FAA was deeply concerned about the state of the environment and the reduced quality of life of the Maltese population.

“There is an echoing sentiment across Malta and Gozo that enough is enough. Why shouldn’t children be able to play in the country side? Why should the elderly be afraid to leave their houses because at every turn there are cranes and blocked roads? It’s time to send a message to the government and that can be seen through protests by citizens, ranging from the AUM in Bormla, to Pembroke and Gzira residents. People are fed up, they cannot take it another more.”

Vella highlighted that the mission statement of the authority was to protect the historic environment in the best interest of the Maltese and not their own interests.

FAA chairman Paul Cardona said that the constitution desperately needed reworking. He said that the FAA was recommending that the part of the environment within the constitution be removed, and another chapter created that would allow for not only the better protection of the environment but also for it to be challengeable in the courts.

“I’d like to appeal to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat - back in 2006 when we were protesting against the destruction of the environment, I recall then MEP Muscat fighting alongside us. Is Muscat, the same man who fought with us? Or now someone who would stand by and watch Malta become destroyed irreversibly? We are damaging the environment in an unsustainable way and it cannot continue.”

Vella also pointed out that the FAA understands why some parts of the constitution such as education are unchallengeable in the courts, saying it would open a “pandora's box,” and that is why they feel that a new chapter should be created.

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