Customs’ record-breaking bust of 36 containers hiding counterfeit shoes and clothes

Customs officers find 36 containers out of 44 carrying counterfeit mobile accessories, clothes, shoes, and game controllers

The Nutech scanner analysing the internal contents of a container
The Nutech scanner analysing the internal contents of a container

A record-breaking 36 containers containing counterfeit items have been seized by customs officials.

The bust, the biggest in customs history, was thanks to an operation carried out by the Containers’ Monitoring Unit, the Scanning Unit and the Intellectual Property Rights Unit, while using specialised scanners.

From a delivery of 44 containers, 36 were found to be carrying thousands of counterfeit items, which break intellectual property rights.

The consignor of the delivery tried to trick customs officials by hiding the illicit items with legitimate ones.

The Customs said a 20-foot layer of legal products covered the entrance to the container, in an effort to hid the illegal items.

“This move was not successful, as the items that couldn’t be seen by the customs officials, were unveiled thanks to the specialised scanner,” a statement read.

The seized containers are being emptied by hand, in an operation that will take a number of days according to the customs’ statement.

Up until Friday, eight containers have been emptied, and 91,750 mobile accessories, 46,863 pieces of clothes, 43,915 pairs of sport shoes, 14,365 tracksuits, 7,770 pairs of shoes and 750 game controllers have been found.

The containers originated from Asia and were headed to an African country.

A full report on the items found will be given at a later stage.