PM hits out at opposition for ‘lack of consistency’ when criticising the country’s institutions

Joseph Muscat was speaking during an interview on the party’s radio station One Radio

Joseph Muscat was speaking during a recorded interview on One Radio
Joseph Muscat was speaking during a recorded interview on One Radio

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has criticised the Opposition for its lack of consistency when speaking of the country’s institutions.

“They first tell us that the institutions were hijacked by the government, and then members from the Opposition in the said institutions, who are responsible of keeping the government in check, resign from their position,” Muscat said, referring to PN MP Marthese Portelli’s resignation from the Planning Authority.

The PM was speaking during a recorded interview on the party’s radio station, One Radio.

Muscat also said that the Opposition has showed a lack of consistency when criticising the law courts.

He said that first the opposition criticises the law courts when decisions are not taken in its favour, but then boasts about verdicts that justify its criticism.

“This doesn’t create a problem for the country’s institutions, but rather creates a problem for the opposition’s credibility,” Muscat said.

On Saturday, Opposition leader Adrian Delia criticised the government for compromising the country’s institutions, in a bid for financial gain.

Muscat said that the government will carry on with reforms, and insisted that this administration could have carried on with the system used by previous governments, but chose to do otherwise.

“Prime ministers before me could enact any judge they saw fit, but I choose to stand by the recommendations of an independent commission who are responsible of ensuring that the individuals who take up the role of judge, are suitable for the job,” Muscat said.

The PM also said that this is not a government that will put its foot down and not analyse criticism, and insisted that this administration will continue to enact reforms.

“We have now realised that if the reforms are not carried out by this government, they will never be carried out,” he said.

Muscat also spoke about the EU commission’s economic forecast, where it stated that strong growth is expected for the coming two years.

 “It is the EU commission which is saying that the country’s economic plan is working, and we will ensure that this progression goes on,” he said.

Muscat said that challenges such as better wages, more jobs, the reduction of poverty, a better quality of life and increased social services, can only be met if the country’s economic success carries on.

Referring to the parliamentary debate on the equality law, Muscat said that while there exists an equal balance in the public sector, one has to address any challenges in other sectors that are preventing women from entering the work force.

On immigration, Muscat said that earlier this week, three groups of migrants left the country in a relocation agreement, and insisted that Malta is the only country to broker such a deal.

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