Rough sea damages Malta-Gozo water main

Water Services Corporation says it will guarantee water supply in Gozo will be maintained until the damage is repaired • Gozo cut off by storm

Rough weather damaged the underwater water main between Malta and Gozo (File photo)
Rough weather damaged the underwater water main between Malta and Gozo (File photo)

The stormy weather that hit the Maltese islands not only disrupted travel between Malta and Gozo but has also damaged the water main that supplies the sister island.

The Water Services Corporation said on Wednesday that the overnight storm damaged the water main between Malta and Gozo.

This is the second time in as many years that the underwater main was damaged by stormy weather.

However, the WSC said that this time the damage appears to have occurred in the section between Malta and Comino rather than between Comino and Gozo, which was the case last time.

“Despite this damage, the corporation will ensure that until the necessary repairs are done, the water supply in Gozo will be guaranteed,” the corporation said.

Repair works will start when the sea conditions between both islands improve.

The corporation said this incident highlighted the need for Gozo to be self-sufficient in water production.

“This shows the importance of the €11 million investment in a reverse osmosis plant at Ħondoq ir-Rummien… the restoration of the building will be complete by the end of the year, after which the machinery will be installed,” the WSC said.

The gale force winds and rough seas also led to the suspension of the Gozo ferry service yesterday, leaving many Gozitan workers stranded in Malta.

Ad hoc arrangements were made with a number of hotels who offered beds for the night to accommodate stranded workers. The Gozo Ministry would be covering the costs.

Additionally, Gozitan patients who were in Malta for treatment and could not return because of the disruption, were offered accommodation at hotels, with the Health Department stepping in to reimburse the expense for the patient and one relative.

The ferry service resumed operations this morning, using the longer route behind Comino to shield from the rough weather.

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