AUM extension threatens residents' wellbeing and area's historical heritage, Curia warns

Church's Environment Commission says proposed AUM extension will harm Cottonera residents’ quality of life and area's historic environment

The proposed extension for the American University of Malta
The proposed extension for the American University of Malta

The Church’s Environment Commission has warned that the proposed American University of Malta extension would harm Cottonera resident’s wellbeing and quality of life and disrupt the area’s historical heritage.

The extension also runs counter to the planning framework of the Grand Habour Local plan, which requires that “generally, buildings or structures must not obscure or overpower the bastions themselves”, and that “incongruous buildings piercing the skyline will not usually be acceptable,” the Commission said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Commission said it believed that the proposed project was a clear example that planning in Malta is increasingly at risk of serving the interests of the few, at the expense of the wider interests of the community and the public.

“The application to occupy some of the few remaining open spaces in the heart of Cottonera, in order to accommodate facilities for AUM, is a clear example of these dangers,” it said, “When so many doubts have been expressed about the need or even the usefulness of these facilities, and when they are evidently not in the best interest of the people of Cottonera, one cannot but be gravely concerned about who is being served by planning in this country.”

The Environment Commission expressed its solidarity with Cottonera Citizens who are spoke out to safeguard the environment of the area for present and future generations, and said it hoped the application would be refused.

The Commission’s statements come after Cottonera residents staged the second protest in as many months against the extension, insisting that they would not give up the fight to protect their towns.

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