Adrian Delia appeals to Labour MPs: 'do the right thing and throw out Muscat'

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia says the Office of the Prime Minister is not just involved in murder but also the obstruction of justice

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia
Opposition Leader Adrian Delia

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia has appealed to Labour MPs in a live broadcast, telling them that they must do what Prime Minister Joseph Muscat did not have the will to do himself.

"This is the moment when the national interest comes first. In the name of what is right, do what Muscat didn't do of his own volition. Think of the oath of office you took, be brave, represent the honest people. Our country deserves better.

"The responsibility now is on your shoulders alone. Put Malta ahead of everything else," Delia said.

He added that Malta was now at very significant crossroads and the wrong turn could destroy the country, the wrong path with Muscat on it could lead to unemployment, a lack of justice and more.

"The country, alongside the European Union is reaching this conclusion: Joseph Muscat must resign immediately," Delia said with a calm but resolute delivery.

This followed the middleman in the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder, Melvin Theuma's testimony in court on Wednesday morning. After being granted a presidential pardon, he was bound to tell the courts what he knew about the assassination.

In his testimony, Theuma mentioned at least two OPM members of staff, including former security officer Kenneth Camilleri, who, the court was told, promised the three men accused of executing the murder – Vincent Muscat, Alfred Degiorgio, and George Degiorgio – bail and €1 million each.

Theuma also said that he was given a government job by Castille's head of customer care, Sandro Craus, after he had met with the former chief of staff, Keith Schembri, at Castille.

"Theuma was given a job even though he never went to work. Two officials from the OPM asked Theuma to send a message to the three men who executed the murder, the message being that they should stop talking because they would be granted a presidential pardon.

"Yorgen Fenech was also informed ahead of time of the raid that led to the arrest of Vincent Muscat and the Degiorgio brothers. This means only one thing: the OPM is not just involved in murder but also involved in the attempt to obstruct justice," Delia said.