[WATCH] Attorney General hands over full Egrant report to Adrian Delia

Attorney General Peter Grech sends Egrant report to Adrian Delia after country's highest court rules Opposition leader must be given a copy

Adrian Delia has received his copy of the full Egrant report (Photo: Net News)
Adrian Delia has received his copy of the full Egrant report (Photo: Net News)

Updated at 3:40pm with news that AG has passed over the Egrant report to Adrian Delia

The Attorney General has passed on a copy of the Egrant report to Adrian Delia after the country's highest court ordered that the Opposition leader be given a copy.

Earlier today, the Constitutional Court ordered that Delia be provided with a copy, but that it couldn't be made public.

Subsequently, Delia walked straight to AG Peter Grech's office at the Palace in Valletta to pick up his copy of the Egrant report, only to be rebuffed by Grech, who insisted he had a two-day timeframe within which to obecy the court's order.

However, Delia has this afternoon been handed over a copy, which was sent over to him by courier by the AG.

"Today, at around 2.30pm, the Attorney General delivered a certified true copy of the original process verbal of the report of the Magisterial Inquiry concerning the company Egrant to the Leader of the Opposition," the Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement.

"This was done in fulfillment of the judgment delivered by the Constitutional Court, today 16th December 2019, and after the relative copies were made and certified."

AG says he has two years to release the Egrant report

The Opposition leader won the appeal he filed against an earlier decision that that denied him access to the full report of the magisterial inquiry into allegations that Panama company Egrant belonged to the Prime Minister's wife, Michelle Muscat. The inquiry disproved the allegations and its findings were published in the summer of 2018.

The Prime Minister had promised he would release the full report but the Attorney General opposed this. The Opposition leader had gone to court asking for the full report to be published and that he be given a copy.

The country's highest court this morning ruled that Delia should be given a full copy but this could not be published.

Delia, accompanied by Nationalist MPs, walked from the courthouse to the AG's office at the Palace in Valletta, demanding that he be given a copy immediately.

However, the Opposition leader walked out of the AG's office empty handed with an official from the office reportedly telling him that the AG had two days to adhere to the court ruling.

Delia walked out of the AG's office and asked for Attorney General Peter Grech's resignation.

In a statement, the Nationalist Party accused the AG of wanting to prolong the release of the report after keeping it hidden for more than a year.