Muscat tells supporters where his future lies: sports and civil liberties

‘I will be with you a little while longer’ Muscat says, confirming he will be a Labour backbencher under a new prime minister

Joseph Muscat signed off on Friday evening with his last speech as Labour leader
Joseph Muscat signed off on Friday evening with his last speech as Labour leader

Joseph Muscat’s future will be in a sports project, the outgoing prime minister has told supporters in a farewell speech that outlined Labour’s latest backbencher’s next job move.

“This is a sector very close to my heart, and I hope I can contribute towards improving it,” Muscat said Friday evening.

He said that he will be working on a project which has a vision of seeing young Maltese people achieving international success in sport.

“I look forward to a time when national pride in sports is recognised by all,” he told a packed sports hall in Kordin, where he addressed supporters for the last time.

But Muscat has also pledged to continue working in the civil liberties sector when he steps down from Prime Minister. 

“I will be with you for a little while longer,” Muscat said, hinting that he will remain a government back bencher. 

Muscat said that while the government has made big strides in the social liberties sector, there is still much to be achieved. 

He said that the realities of a modern society are continually shifting, stating that the government and Labour Party should make sure they keep up with the times. 

“I look forward to a time when I no longer have the weight of electoral programmes and Prime Ministerial duties holding me back from saying what I really feel about civil liberties,” Muscat said, adding he will remain close to the aspirations of the younger generations.