Robert Abela addresses the nation: 'Malta needs to keep moving forward'

In his first ever speech as Prime Minister, Robert Abela says that a strong economy and employment need to be ensured for the implementation of social justice measures

Prime Minister Robert Abela
Prime Minister Robert Abela

In his first address to the nation as State leader, Robert Abela said that Malta needs to keep moving forward and to keep generating wealth.

"People want stability and peace of mind that the country will keep moving forward," he said in a recorded message broadcast on the national network.

Abela said that he had already started work on seeing how to implement the 2017 electoral manifesto, a manifesto which he describes as the blueprint that would lead Malta to social justice. 

"We need to ensure a strong economy and more employment," Abela said, echoing his predecessor Joseph Muscat, who had described a strong economy and employment as the backbone behind a country's success story.

"Everyone should have equal opportunity to reach his or her aspirations. People want unity and we will provide it, this has always won over fear. We should do away with whatever divides us," Abela said.