Destiny’s song may be generic pap, but it’s also a serviceable pop anthem

The Skinny | No 26. ‘All My Love’ by Destiny

‘All My Love’ by Destiny
‘All My Love’ by Destiny

What are we skinning? ‘All My Love’ by Destiny, and its newly-released accompanying music video.

Why are we skinning it? Well, first of all, it is Malta’s Eurovision entry for this year, which is about the most urgent cultural happening on the island for some decades now, for better or for worse. But it also offers us a break from COVID-19 angst.

I’ve since sat down to watch the video. And I must say, I quite like it. Did it stop you from thinking about how we’re currently going through a global pandemic the like of which has not been seen since the early 20th century?

Just about. Though the wonderful weather over the past couple of days has also done it’s part, I must say. I love seeing the scintillating rays of sunshine make their way through my window slats as I contemplate the next YouTube video or whatever Netflix recommends I should watch next... I see. Quarantined, are you?

Yes, aren’t you? Great fun. No cabin fever here. NONE whatsoever! Let’s get back to Destiny, though.

Ah yes. Well, like I said. I quite liked the video, and the song wasn’t bad. A generic crooner like the bulk of them, but in with a shot, I’m sure. If the Eurovision even happens this year, going by how the coronavirus is spreading.

Weren’t we supposed to be getting away from all that? Right. Right you are. Okay. What confused me about the video was all the parkour. Looks great and all, but I didn’t quite get the narrative.

There wasn’t one. It’s just a futuristic update of the Assassin’s Creed aesthetic imported to either the Jerma or White Rocks ruins, with not all that much of a payoff in the end. Bit of an empty vessel, then.

Quite. I also didn’t understand what the diving youths had to do with it. Look, the song is called ‘All My Love’, and the lyrics attached to it are as generic as the title. It’s there to please as many people as possible. Boredom over offence.

Ah, boredom. I haven’t been bored since November. Me neither. Thank you, Destiny... I guess?

Do say: “Destiny’s song and video may be generic pap, but it’s also a serviceable pop anthem with a rousing chorus and a video that’s as slick as it is bland. In with a shot at the Eurovision, if that show does indeed go on!”

Don’t say: “Is pointing out the exoticised ‘African’ garb Destiny is wearing all throughout the video more or less racist than saying nothing and pretending it’s all okay?”

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