We got an actual vaccine trailer. Pity Michael Bay was in Malta only so many years ago

The Skinny | No. 67 – Vaccine: The Trailer

What are we skinning? The Health Ministry’s online video announcing the imminent arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine to Malta.

Why are we skinning it? Because it is possibly the most hilarious thing to happen in and around Malta in recent months, and during a time when hilarity is sorely needed and the attendant uplift it brings about quite apt to the season.

Why is it so notable, though? Well, where do we begin? Shall we start from the Tal-Lira Hans Zimmer music?

We could, because that’s makes you realise you’re well and truly entering into ‘blockbuster movie’ territory. Yes. There’s something deliciously terrifying about the realisation of: “Oh wow, they’ve made a TRAILER for the vaccine…”

The opening shots are fairly inoffensive. But then, the freezer. Okay, the freezer needs a proper frame-by-frame breakdown.

That slow-panning opening shot… Yes, you know the freezer is being geared up as the ‘protagonist’ here. Pixar stuff – the anthropomorphised tech-buddy. Like a pandemic-era Wall-E.

Then, the magical opening. Now we’re entering into horror territory.

You expect a decapitated head. Or zombies to fly out. But no. It’s empty.

Literally, they cracked it open to show us that it’s ready and waiting for the vaccine. And the subsequent night shots only intensify the horror elements.

Yeah I mean… if this is a hopeful video, why not show things during daytime? But hope springs eternal. In the shape of the tag-lines.

‘Daqt jasal Malta’ literally translates to ‘Coming Soon to Malta’... Yes. It’s a trailer. We got an actual TRAILER for the Covid vaccine.

I doubt any other country managed that. Let’s raise a glass to us for the festive season. We’ve finally earned it.

Do say:  “While we should by all means celebrate the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine, which will signal a slow but steady return to normality in these trying times, going for the ‘blockbuster trailer’ approach for its ‘promotional’ video is just about off-key enough to guarantee unintentional hilarity. Either way, those who love it love it, those who hate it will get a chuckle. So everyone wins, in the end. Merry Christmas!”

Don’t say: “It’s a pity Michael Bay was in Malta only so many years ago. A couple of shaky-cam explosion shots would have gone down a treat.”