Fat boomers and their każin-grown enablers ruining the party yet again

The Skinny | No 144 – Karma Comino

Graffitti launch a direct action in Comino against a beach concession
Graffitti launch a direct action in Comino against a beach concession

What are we skinning? Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo’s impressively agile and undeniably elegant response to a weekend made particularly heady for him by those pesky meddling kids of Moviment Graffitti.

Why are we skinning it? Because he’s somehow managed the Herculean feat of superceding his predecessor Julia Farrugia Portelli in gifting the nation with a gaffe-quote so deliciously gaffey that it eclipses the thing about “mechanisms” supposedly keeping tourists and locals Covid-safe during the summer of 2020...

To be fair, he does look like someone who is constantly being whacked with a stapler on the face for no apparent reason, and at any given time. True, one can only expect so much from someone who appears to be in a permanent state of confused shell-shock.

Shouldn’t he have a lie down instead of being given the helm of one of Malta’s most economically-crucial areas? We can’t know the masterplan in advance though, surely. The mechanisms, man – the mechanisms!

I thought mechanisms were just a COVID thing. That’s what they want you to believe. They’ve never really left. But the cogs are spinning in earnest, even if you can’t hear them...

Of course I can’t hear them over the blaring catarman music! And now, you’ll be deafened in Valletta too... unless you find yourself lucky enough to be situated in the two or three remaining streets where the “tasteful” unz-unz of bar music is still banned.

Somehow I preferred Valletta when it was a supposedly ‘dead’ city. I preferred Comino when it was a de facto nature reserve.

Are we too old, then? Is that what the kids want? Well, the environmental hero for the woke, politically-correct kids is Greta Thunberg, and the Moviment Graffitti crowd are largely made up of shower-phobic twenty-somethings, so…

We’re really looking at fat boomers ruining the party for everyone again, aren’t we? That, and their kazin-grown enablers… like Ian Borg and, indeed, Clayton Bartolo…

Do say: “Tourism was particularly hard hit by the pandemic, but that doesn’t justify a free-for-all on a Natura 2000 site.”

Don’t say: “Want to keep the money flowing into the tourist coffers while keeping environmentalists happy? Charge entry to Comino at a price that only Henley & Partners’ much-coveted ‘billionaires’ can afford. Win-win!”