Coronavirus: 2,470 new positives in Italy, a 'downward trend'

Head of Italian Civil Protection said a downward trend in new infections and Covid-related deaths was a cause for 'cautious optimism'

Coronavirus: Italy is the hardest-hit country after China
Coronavirus: Italy is the hardest-hit country after China

Italy’s new cases of Covid-19 on Monday numbered 2,470, less than the previous day of 2,853.

Angelo Borrelli, Head of the Italian Civil Protection, said that accurate data still needed to corroborate the initial results but commented that there was room for “cautious optimism.”

Italy had a total of 27,980 Covid-19 cases, of which 2,749 patients have recovered. The dead number 2,158.

The number of infected in the virus hotbed of Lombardy also seems to have decreased, Borrelli said.

President of Superior Council of Health Franco Locatelli said on Monday evening that the slight drop in the number of new infections and victims is a hopeful figure.

“We look at it with attention, we have pointed it out, and we value it as a signal of how much all the measures taken could be useful,” he said.

He added that whether the virus could remain for a few months was uncertain and that no one had irrefutable data to say until when it would last.

The Guardi di Finanza in Italy announced that it had seized around 60,000 masks, gloves, disinfectants and hygiene products that were being sold at exorbitant prices, often over 6,000% the market price.

But, more positively, the National Blood Centre in Italy saw a record response to blood donation calls following the deficiencies caused by the epidemic. In a few days, stocks have been replenished in all regions with a surplus of almost 900 bags.

Global coronavirus cases are at 179,991 with 7,100 deaths and 78,326 recoveries.