Islamic State murders four more in Sirte and Derna

Man dragged through the streets and crucified, another shot dead after digging his own grave

Isis have had a constant presencein Derna, since September 2014
Isis have had a constant presencein Derna, since September 2014

Islamic State’s presence in Derna on Saturday put out a video showing the recent murders of two men, one of whom was dragged along behind a pickup truck until he was dead. Meanwhile in Sirte, Isis crucified two other victims.

It is unclear when the Derna killings happened, according to a report in Libya Herald.

A video, part of which was since removed from social media, showed a grey bearded man, Rushdi Ageela Omran Al-Masouri, aged 43, confessing that he had been spying for the Derna Mujahadeen Shura Council.

After cutting away to some standard Isis propaganda, the footage then showed the man being dragged along the ground on a rope behind a vehicle.

The second victim, Mohamed Tayib Ali Al-Amri, aged 23, sporting a neat black beard, confessed on screen to storing weapons in a house in Fataieh district, in the hills to the south east of Derna.

He was then pictured digging a grave into which his body fell when he was shot. Both victims were dressed in orange jump-suits. They also appeared unusually calm while they were confessing.

Both crimes were committed in the Fataieh district, which is still controlled by IS forces.

In Sirte Isis posted a picture of the murder a Salafist, Shekih Muftah Busetta Al-Warfali, also accused of being a spy, in this case for Libya Dawn, the government that holds sway in Tripoli. He had reportedly been arrested two months ago.

Islamic State is also claiming that after Friday prayers, it beheaded and crucified an 84-year-old Sufi Imam, Sheikh Said Almadani after a Shari court had found him guilty of sorcery.

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