[WATCH] New ISIS video shows ‘Islamic police force’ in Libya

ISIS video shows masked and armed 'Islamic police force' patrolling central Libyan city of Sirte 

ISIS 'Islamic police' patrol the central Libyan city of Sirte.
ISIS 'Islamic police' patrol the central Libyan city of Sirte.

ISIS have released a new propaganda video, showing their ‘Islamic police force’ patrolling around the Libyan city of Sirte.

The footage shows a unit of masked ISIS police, dressed in matching black uniforms and armed with Kalashnikovs. Driving pick-up trucks with flashing sirens, they can be seen stopping people at regular checkpoints.

The central Libyan city of Sirte has been predominantly held by ISIS since June 2015, and intelligence agencies have claimed that the jihadist group may be preparing to fall back to the Libyan city. The video appears to show a functioning city, with running electricity and civilians shopping on the streets.

On Thursday, a fragile peace deal was signed in Morocco by some MPs from Libya’s two rival parliaments in a bid to end the 18-month civil war and form a unity government to help combat a growing ISIS presence in the North African country.

However, the agreement has been criticised for not being a truly representative one, casting doubt as to whether armed factions on the ground will obey the new government or consider it a UN puppet.

On Tuesday, the presidents of both Libyan parliaments came to Malta to declare that they would forge ahead with their own unity government, rejecting the UN deal presented by special representatives Bernardino Leon and now Martin Kobler.