Hidden explosive devices found by Italian police after blast injured four

Four people were injured by explosions in Turin following New Year celebrations, leading to police raid which uncovered 12 more devices

Twelve explosive devices were discovered by Italian police following New Year celebrations after four people were injured due to illegal pyrotechnic device explosions.

The incident took place during festivities in Turin, Italy, which brought thousands to Piazza san Carlo and Piazza Castello.

Homemade pyrotechnics are illegal in the city. Despite the ban being enforced by police, such devices were brought to the celebrations and hidden in rubbish bins.

Not long after countdown on New Year’s Eve, three explosions went off in rubbish bins in Via della Querce, La Stampa, where two Moroccans and two Italians were injured, according to Italian media. Four parked cars were also damaged and 30 houses had their windows shattered.

Police and military intervention led to a raid in the area, uncovering 12 more devices, as well as a 12-gauge cartridge and a 9x21-caliber cartridge, containing 546g of gunpowder. Investigations are underway.

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