Suicide bomber leaves more than 100 people dead in Kabul

Suicide bombers driving an ambulance to get past a police checkpoint detonated a bomb that killing 100 people, and leaving many more injured

Soldiers guarding the area where the attack happened
Soldiers guarding the area where the attack happened

A suicide bombing attack in one of Kabul's busiest districts has left more than 100 dead, and many more injured. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The attackers drove an ambulance past a police checkpoint and detonated the bomb in a street full of government buildings and offices. The street is also home to multiple European Union offices.   

The attacker passed though a first checkpoint after telling the police he was taking a patient to a nearby Jamhuriat hospital.

This attack comes just 22 days after an attack on a hotel in Kabul.

Afghanistan’s government has declared a day of mourning.

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