Trump promises ’new American moment’ in State of the Union address

US President speaks of extending an open hand to Democrats to work together

(Source: The Guardian)
(Source: The Guardian)

United States President Donald Trump has promised a “new American moment” in his maiden State of the Union speech.

The message contrasted sharply with his inaugural speech a year ago, when he spoke of “American carnage”.

Instead, he now told Congress that he was creating “a safe, strong and proud America”, proclaiming that there never was “a better time to start living the American dream” and that he was extending an open hand to Democracts to work together.

Around 40 million television viewers are estimated to have watched the speech, which was met by cheers from the Republicans in Congress, but boos at certain points by the Democracts.

Trump insisted that a border wall with Mexico had to be constructed, as he maintained that he had created 2.4 million jobs since being elected.

While the stock market has done very well, and the unemployment rate in the US is the lowest it has been in almost two decades, the President’s average job approval last year, as measured by a Gallup poll, was of 38%, the lowest-ever first-year rating of any US President.