North Korean nuclear test site 'to be closed down by May'

News comes from the South Korean President’s office following the Korean summit held last week 

North and South Korean leaders during the summit
North and South Korean leaders during the summit

North Korean nuclear test site Punggye-ri will be closed by May, according to South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s office.

The news of the closure comes following multiple reports of a possible collapse in the mountainous region of Mount Mantap, where the test site is located. 

The closure of the nuclear test site will be done in public, with experts from South Korea and the United States invited to attend. 

The North Korean administration has so far refused to comment on the closure. 

The termination of the nuclear test site comes after a summit held by the Korean leaders where both have vowed to rid the Korean peninsula from nuclear weapons. 

"Kim Jong-un will soon invite experts of South Korea and the US to disclose the process to the international community with transparency,” Jae-in claimed. 


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