[WATCH] Hawaii's Volcano Kilauea spits out lava two weeks after erupting

The volcano has been spewing out lava after it erupted almost two weeks ago 

The volcano as seen from the Space Station
The volcano as seen from the Space Station

The Hawaiian volcano, Mount Kilauea, is blasting out “ballistic blocks” after it erupted almost two months ago.

Authorities have warned that it could get worse, and urged pilots and airlines to avoid the area.

Sulphur dioxide gas, which is the cause of ‘vog’ and volcanic ash, is not only destructive for aircraft engines, but USGS have also warned that steam driven eruptions could thrust ash 20,000 feet high into the air.

The eruption destroyed dozens of homes and forced hundreds of people to evacuate.

Mount Kilauea erupted almost two weeks ago, with lava destroying dozens of homes and forcing hundreds of people to be evacuated.

Quakes as strong as magnitude 4.4 have been felt on the largest island.

The floor of the volcano's caldera (the bowl where lava erupts) is deflating, causing stress at the volcano's base.

This is causing earthquakes and new fissures to open in the ground, and creating the risk of new, highly explosive steam-powered eruptions as the magma meets underground water.

Authorities have claimed that the 18th fissure opened on Sunday; however, the Hurricane Volcano Observatory said that the crack was part of fissure 17.

There have been further warnings for more explosive eruptions.

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