First section of Trump's wall has been unveiled at Mexico border

The first section of Trump's wall at the Mexico border has been completed and has been unveiled as part of his electoral promise to prevent illegal immigrants from entering America

The first section of Trump's wall delineating Mexico and the US has been constructed and unveiled
The first section of Trump's wall delineating Mexico and the US has been constructed and unveiled

Donald Trump's "great wall" to prevent Mexicans and other immigrants from crossing the border to America is in progress, with the first section officially unveiled earlier today.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said that all options were being considered to stop people getting into the US illegally as she unveiled the 30-foot fence in California. She said, "Let me be clear: walls work." But the Pentagon have just approved a request for extra troops at the southern border, expected to total at least 800, although the figure could be as many as 1,000.

This comes after reports that a caravan of migrants, making up thousands of individuals, are fleeing violence and poverty in Central America and are making their way through Mexico.

"We are looking at every possible way within the legal construct that we have to make sure that those who don't have the legal right to come to this country do not come in," Nielsen said, and in a tweet argued that funding is required for the work on the wall to progress further and that she was expecting Congress to address the issue.

Andrea Guerrero, executive director of Alliance San Diego, said it would be "a very drastic action that would have disastrous practical implications for our asylum obligations, for our moral and legal obligations".

She added: "We know that civil rights attorneys are preparing to litigate right now. They're preparing to litigate right away. I don't know if Trump cares if he wins the litigation. He wants to score political points." The 6 November midterm elections loom ever closer.

The caravan of migrants is about 1,000 miles away but dwindling in size.


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