Libyan leader warns of destruction if Haftar’s military action is not stopped

Fayez Serraj urges Europe to stop Khalifa Haftar's war on Tripoli and warns of exodus of migrants and Libyans

Libyan leader Fayez Serraj
Libyan leader Fayez Serraj

Libyan leader Fayez Serraj has warned that unless Europe stops General Khalifa Haftar’s military aggression on Tripoli, the trouble risks spreading to the Mediterranean region.

Serraj, who leads the UN-recognised Government of National Accord based in Tripoli, said Isis militants were attempting to set foot again in the south of Libya.

He was speaking at a meeting for journalists at the presidential compound in the Libyan capital.

Serraj decried Haftar’s actions and accused the general of betrayal.

Haftar leads the self-styled Libyan National Army and is allied with a rival administration based in the eastern city of Tobruk.

The general ordered his forces to capture Tripoli more than a week ago and the fighting has left 75 dead, more than 300 injured and thousands displaced.

The UN had to postpone a national conference tasked with bringing all rival factions together in a bid to find a peaceful solution to the turmoil Libya has faced since Muammar Gaddafi’s overthrow in 2011.

Serraj told journalists that Haftar’s actions will bring about destruction to Libya and neighbouring countries.

The Libyan leader warned there were some 800,000 migrants in Libya wanting to leave the country and these could be joined by Libyans escaping the war.

Serraj called on Italy and the rest of Europe to stand up to Haftar’s aggression.

The general has so far ignored calls by the EU and other countries to stop the attack on Tripoli.

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