Boris Johnson proposes early 12 December election to break Brexit stall

The motion calling for an early election will be tabled on Monday

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told Parliament on Thursday that the only way to break away from continuous stalling on Brexit is a general election which he proposed should take place of 12 December.

Johnson will table the motion calling for an election next Monday.

The EU has snubbed Johnson's repeated cries of a make-or-break October Brexit and has asked the UK prime minister to embrace a new extension.

"I'm afraid it looks as though our EU friends are going to respond to Parliament's request by having an extension, which I really don't want at all," Johnson said. He had repeatedly threatened a no-deal Brexit if the divorce from the EU is not affected by the end of October.

Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn said that he would endorse a call for an early election if the threat of a no-deal crash-out is off the table.

European Council President Tusk has recommended that the other 27 EU member states allow Britain a further delay. Despite the stolid and fatigued eye-roll of most EU countries in granting a further delay, Britain's no-deal scenario could spell economic shock to the bloc and it's likely a unanimous approval of delay will follow.

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