[WATCH] Malta can be safest country to travel to in summer, Chris Fearne says

Xtra on TVM | Malta’s strong vaccination programme will enable the country to open up to tourism in a safe way in summer

Health Minister Chris Fearne
Health Minister Chris Fearne

Malta has put itself in a position to be one of the safest countries for travel in summer because of its vaccination programme, Chris Fearne said.

The Health Minister was speaking on TVM’s Xtra, 24 hours after government announced its plan to relax COVID-19 restrictions that placed 1 June as a target for re-starting tourism.

Fearne emphasised that the plan to lift restrictions gradually prioritised education and health.

“But after taking care of health and education we also have to take care of the economy,” he said.

Asked about the tourism target, Fearne said Malta’s aim was to be on the green list of other countries so that travellers will be able to come here without the need to quarantine.

“Because of our vaccination rate we have put ourselves in a position to be one of the safest countries to travel to this summer… this will allow us to open in a safe way,” the Health Minister said.

However, he insisted that it was important that the vaccination programme continued, mitigation measures are adhered to and restrictions lifted gradually.

And on the day that marks the anniversary of the first victim who died from COVID-19, Fearne said that Malta will be creating a woodland to commemorate the more than 400 people who died from coronavirus.

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