[WATCH] Young people share views on cannabis, abortion, moving out and more

Xtra Sajf on TVM | Saviour Balzan hosts three young people in a frank discussion on current affairs and social issues

From broad agreement over the legalisation of recreational cannabis to differing views on abortion, three young people shared their views on Xtra Sajf.

In a frank discussion, student Chanice Bezzina, 19, clerical officer Kurt Schembri, 21, and political aspirant Stefano Sicari, 24, provided a snapshot of the views held by youths.

All three agreed with the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use but Sicari and Schembri believe the industry should be heavily regulated.

On abortion, Schembri agreed abortion should be a personal choice, while Bezzina said it was acceptable to her in cases of rape and sexual assault. Sicari disagreed with abortion in all circumstances.
But all agreed euthanasia should be legalised as long as due diligence is properly carried out by a government body.

The three youths discussed other topics, including gender quotas for parliament, moving out of the parental home, migration and the spending habits of young people.