[WATCH] Cannabis law objectionable because it introduces big changes without studies – Claudio Grech

Xtra on TVM News Plus | PN MP Claudio Grech insists government’s cannabis Bill not backed up by social impact studies

PN MP Claudio Grech (File photo)
PN MP Claudio Grech (File photo)

The Nationalist Party is uncomfortable with the cannabis reform law proposed by the government because it introduces big changes without justification, Claudio Grech said.

The PN MP insisted the Opposition would be ready to listen if government put forward the studies and impact assessments carried out to justify key aspects of the Bill.

Speaking on Xtra on TVM News Plus, Grech highlighted three aspects of the cannabis Bill that are objectionable.

“The law sets the permissible age for cannabis use at 18 when specialists suggest this should be 25; the law sets no limits on THC [the psycho-active substance in cannabis], and the threshold for possession has been increased by 800%... these are radical changes and government has not produced studies to justify why they are necessary,” Grech insisted.

Earlier this month, the PN formally came out against the reform proposed by government that partially legalises cannabis.

The proposed Bill, which is now at committee stage in parliament, allows users to possess up to 7g of cannabis, grow up to four plants at home, and buy cannabis from regulated associations.

Grech said the PN did not agree with sending cannabis users to prison but warned the proposed law was an attempt to normalise drugs.

“Government should produce evidence to back up its proposals… be assured that the PN’s stand reflects the position of 80% of stakeholders,” he insisted.