The weekend getaway you didn’t know you needed

Spring is fast approaching, and DealToday is here to make it a little bit brighter

The Maltese Spring is longed for by many a local, especially after the winter months. During this time, the weather reaches the perfect balance between the somewhat chilly, and the almost unbearably hot, making it the ideal time to disconnect from the monotony of your nine-to-five.

What better way to spend the weekend, than sitting in the sunshine by the pool, with an ice-cold beverage in hand, miles (or at least a few kilometres), from work and all those responsibilities?

With DealToday, you can do just that, as they offer countless deals with top, local hotels, including The Radisson, Salini Resort, The Corinthia Hotel, and many others. Also included in the mix are hotels and resorts in Gozo, just in case you’d like to travel that much further away, and reach and even higher level of relaxation.

Head on over to the Travel section of DealToday’s website, and browse through some of the brilliant deals on offer and avoid all the hassle. With just a couple of minutes and clicks, your weekend is sorted.

If you’re looking to surprise your partner, loved one, maybe even your grandmother, with a weekend getaway, there’s always the option of purchasing a gift card, and giving them the option of making the decision themselves. Wrap it up in a little envelope, pour a glass of champagne and all that’s left to do, is pack your bags!

Spend the weekend getting massaged, indulging in delicious food, and letting the stresses of daily life melt off you, with none other than DealToday.

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