Fino is offering online consultations to help you design your dream room

Stop dwelling and start doing: with Fino's free online services, you can can awaken your creativity and free your mind

Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed by the endless hours at home, milling around with nothing to do and a lot of time to do it in? Do you dread the potential isolation and social distancing, which is becoming more commonplace nowadays?

Maybe it’s time to get around to those unfinished home projects that you never had time for, up until now. Stop dwelling and start doing, with Fino.

Take this momentary respite from your otherwise important, busy life, to finally renovate, change around your dining room layout and finally finish off that kitchen! As one of the oldest furniture companies in Malta, Fino is used to catering for any and all kinds of situations. During this period of isolation, awaken your creativity and free your mind, with Fino’s new online services.

Book your appointment with Fino’s Skype consultation team, which is mobilised to guide you step-by-step through the rigorous, yet rewarding process of designing your dream room, answering all your questions and advising you in order to turn your ideas into reality. Fino also have specialists standing by, ready to lead you through the areas of kitchens, bedrooms and floor coverings. All you need is a headset and an internet connection!

We know that making precise decisions regarding what you want can be stressful and daunting, but we’re not here to put you on the spot. Take a quick virtual tour of their showroom and discover some inspiration before giving them a call.

In case that wasn’t enough, it may be good to mention that all the mentioned online services are easy to use and completely free of charge, so in truth, there is absolutely nothing to lose in checking them out.

Convinced yet? Click here and plan your future with Fino, or give them a call on +356 2549 3000.

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